Thursday, September 30, 2010

Nothing better to do

GOOSHHHH... My blog is dead! I'm so lazy in blogging but i can't think of any better things to do. Work > Eat > Online > Hang out > Sleep! I need more income! 24 hours is like just sooo short & it passes so quick! I'm in the mood of digging for more money~but i do not have much time to invest into some other actvities! How laaa? Sigh~ my current job does not allow me to take up part time or even some other side income as my working time is soooo NOT flexible! Anyone has god recommendation for side income which need not much time from me :P

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Study VS Work


well, 7 months ever since i updated my poor little bloggie. The past months have been so challenging but tired. People always say "When you are studying, you want to work BUT when you start to work, you would want to study". After these 7 months, i know how the feel is like and it's true~people will never be satisfy with what they have and always wanted to go the other way round.. I truly feel like walking back into uni again... like right now!

When I'm in school / college / uni...
  • I have more freedom
  • I can plan things accordingly coz i've already had a fixed timetable
  • I can do anything I like
  • I can choose not to hand-in my homework / assignments on time
  • I can hang around with my friends all the time
  • I can have assignments done the way i want it to be
  • I can write my thoughts, my imagination, my thinking, my strategy...
  • I can rest when I really need to
  • I can run around anytime, anywhere without thinking of time!
  • I can basically do whatever I wanna do EXCEPT to waste money (coz it's not my hard-earned money)!
When I'm working...
  • I had my own income
  • I can waste a bit of my money
  • I can ease the burden of my family
  • I can work towards my very own future
  • I could lead a better life
  • I lost my freedom
  • I can't plan my private life accordingly (time is totally in a mess)
  • I can't hang-out with my friends always
  • I can't have good sleep
  • I have nightmares at least once a month
  • I need to listen to people's voices (irritating calls, emails..)
  • I'm just a follower where personal thoughts are equal to nothing! As usual, money talks louder when it comes to execution!
  • I feel really really tired (physically & mentally)
  • I never had the mood to hang around, doing silly things anymore
Is life just all about work after schooling years? Isn't there any other things that we could do? hmmm... NOPE! No work, no money! No money, no life! I have to work all the way out of my current life! I'm going to lead a better future! But how? Being an employee only wouldn't give anyone the best future and it's not time yet to be a boss! Sigh~ life is full of complains unless I'm a billionaire! (Please allow me to dream for a while).. haha... 比上不足,比下有余 (not really sure whether is this the correct wordings or not)...

Saturday, November 7, 2009

~ Time Flies ~

Leaving Malaysia to a foreign land! Getting used with a new environment! Mixing around with all new friends! Struggling to cope with a brand new form of studies! Learning hard to catch up with foreign slang! Getting started from 0 all alone!

All the above seems to have just happened to me yesterday! Time passes really fast that in a blink of eyes, I'm growing older & older! All the sweet memories I had in the UK really doesn't seems to be long time ago. It's all fresh in my mind! The image of me leaving Malaysia to pursue my studies last year seems to have just happened...It's so hard to describe that kind of feelings which I had. All had passed. My uni life has just ended in a second and it's like a sweet dream.

It's almost 5 months that I'm back to Malaysia and now, just seems to be so fast...I'll be leaving Malaysia again tonight! I'll be back to the lovely UK which has given me such beautiful memories not long ago. muahahaha~ but too bad, the trip will not last long. The 1 year (sept 08 - now) I had seriously changed me to a brand new person.

Well, I don't know what I wanna write now but I'm jut trying to keep myself awake till late so that I will be able to sleep on the plane at night later :)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Time for some updates

Alright! Alright! I've been neglecting my beloved blog for sooooo long! Kinda lazy and don't know what to update actually! My daily life in Msia sux!!! wake up..go through both english & chinese newspapers..have my brunch..on9..short nap/b driver..on9..dinner..out..bac home..sleep!!!!!! THAT'S ALL!!! arrgghhh..... IT'S SO BORING!

Have been back to Malaysia for 3+months and I'm still not working! Kinda hard to look for a job as I'll be leaving Msia for 3 weeks soon. Going back to the UK for my graduation ceremony! Really feel like staying back in the UK for at least a month but got no choice, mum is following & it's so impossible for her to leave my dad & bro alone at home for sooo long! hehe.. Hopefully I'll have enough $$$$$$$$ to go for at least 1 more trip during december before i look for a job seriously :P

Well, gonna update some pictures took during the past 3/4 months... I'm sure most of u edi saw these in my facebook :P

FRIENDS & FAMILY ( yay, dogs r also part of my family =P )


These are the foods that I never treasure when I'm in Malaysia but misses "them" sooo much when I'm in the UK!! LOL... random pictures of foods in KL!


LOL~here comes the unique pictures (somehow unique to the driver who don't allow me to post on fb)... LOL.... aiseh... feel bad la for pin-pointing on his/her parking skills! haha.. but once in a lifetime ma (coz i'm sure ur skill will improve soon after) .... nvm nvm... haha

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I think i've isolated my blog for quite some time due to assignments and exams. Did not really update anything before this but now i'm free! totally free besides working! hehe...

Well, before the end of my last paper, I went to Barcelona with a group of friends and the trip is nice just that we got not enough time. The weather in Barcelona really makes me feel like i'm back in Malaysia and the architectures there are splendid! The trip was a memorable one as there are lots of funny things happened - exp: the way we communicate with people over there, 1 of our 'boy'friend got wooed by a guy, etc... haha

After a tiring trip of rushing with time, I finally have to face the truth - the final paper is on its way but thank god it's now finished! Hopefully I'll not fail it! Sigh...

Now, 毕业就是失业的开始 - graduating means it's the beginning of a jobless life! I've finished my degree, just that don't know whether will i be able to graduate or not. taihen na no da! If i'm able to graduate, don't know whether will i pass all my modules with flying colours or not. If i get my cert, don't know what can i do in the following year. aduh!! there are sooo many questionmarks in my head now!

Anyways, it's time to enjoy life 1st before the pain starts! I need a job!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009


YAY~ finally i finished my investigative study's report (the terrible 5k words)... i'm so happy that i finally get it done but this does not mean an end towards the war! I still have 4 more assignments to go and 2 freaking scary examinations. i never ever knew that exams in the uk are so much different with what we had in Malaysia! OMG! just for a 2hour exams, i have to write a 2000 words essay! it's just like doing an assignment but we can use computers for assigments! we have about 1 month for assignments! i really can't imagine 2 hours writing 2000 words with citations!! before the examination, i've to read a 156pages' case study! THIS IS CRAZY, MAAAANNNNNNNNNNN.................. i rather memorizing few pages of facts than taking such examinations which is a waste of time & getting nothing out of it! GOD BLESS ME :(

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Yesterday went to watch the All England championship quarter-final in Birmingham (NIA)!

Reaching Birmingham @ 11+ am then went for a walk... all of a sudden, dayna feel like eating nasi lemak & i wanted to eat prawn mee so we went to the same old place "malaysian delight"! Never regret of going there coz...muahaha.... if not because that we are craving for msian food.. we'll not have met all the Badminton world top players - Lee Chong Wei, Lin Dan, Taufiq, Xie Xing Fang, Guan Beng Hong & 1 more if not mistaken.. Tan Beng Heong... muahaha... it was really my lucky day but missed the chance of taking photo with Lin Dan. After that, we continue to shop at Bull Ring but not in the mood for shopping.. Met Zhang Ning but that time i forgotten her name... missed that chance too.. sigh!

At 4pm, we walked to NIA... all the way there, don't know why.. i'm sooo nervous although i'm not playing! haha... that kinda feel is so different coz i felt glad that i could cheer for my country in a foreign land! 见到认识的人让我感觉非常有亲切感coz it has been some time that i'm living alone with all new friends in a brand new country to me. meeting lee chong wei whom i've been supported all tis while is really great! muahaha... n of course, i never thought that i could even meet until my high school friend over there! OMG! it's a small world after all!!!

I was soo tired while watching the match and was hoping that all the game end faster soo that i can shout for malaysia team - chong wei! haha... who knows.. after waiting for hours, chong wei beat finland player within 20-25mins! what the?! it's soooo fast! [quarter-final We haven't shout enough then the match end d! sighh.. yesterday, he was the oni malaysian that won into the semi-final!

Today, Chong Wei bet Taufiq in semi final! It was quite a quick game too but it's nice! He improved quite a lot interms of his pace! Hopefully tomoro he'll win and grab the gold medal/trophy!!!!!! GOOD LUCK TO CHONG WEI!

Monday, February 23, 2009


26th February - Corporate Financial Management (2,000 words)
27th February - Work (Racecourse)
28th February - Work
6th March - Yonex All England Badminton Championship
7th March - Work
9th March - Greener Marketing group presentation
10th March - Work (Racecourse)
11th March - Work (Racecourse)
12th March - Work (Racecourse)
13th March - Work (Racecourse)
14th March - Work
18th March - Services Marketing (1,000 words)
21st March - Work
23rd March - Investigative Study (5,000 words)
25th March - Customer Relationship Management (3,000 words)
26th March - Greener Marketing Group Report (3,000 words)
28th March - Work & beginning of easter holiday
22nd April - Greener Marketing Individual Self-reflective Paper (1,200 words)
24th April - Corporate Financial Management assignment 2 (2,000 words)
April & May - 2 days' exams & work

AFTER APRIL / MAY - TRAVEL & BACK TO MALAYSIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

It's Chinese New Year.........

Yay~ Today is the 4th day of CNY in UK but... i still don't feel like it is! Nothing makes me feel like it is the Chinese New Year! :(

Anyways, just got back another assignment. This is the 3rd assignment i got back & finally i get what i want! Hope that more luck will be on the way to me!

Well, currently, i still have 10 more assignments, 1 presentation & 2 exams to go.... then muahahah... it's time for freedom!!! time to earn £££££ !!! IF i passed all my modules :)


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

1st surprise in 2009


The "starter" began on the 4th Jan (Sun) night! The day before sem 2 starts! All of a sudden, everyone was so busy ringing & messaging each other to pass on the message - "IT'S SNOWING", of course...all of us whom had not experience the feel of snowing ran out of home with our house shirts, slippers.. i'm even just on with short pants! it's so freaking cold out there but we just don't feel it when we are all mad playing and shooting photos of the snow without make-ups on! hahahha...

Early in the morning, the whole cheltenham was filled with snow! it's white everywhere! The floor is so slippery! Normally when i'm late to chase for a bus, i walked quite fast but today i can't! lucky i'm not late! if not, then cham le...

Well, after my 1st class which ends at 2.15pm, we went for a walk around the park campus! it's so beautiful around the park! the field which is normally green is now white! the pond which is normally filled with water is now ice! pity those ducks freezing on the ice! The ducks are so cuteee... when they see people walking towards the pond, they came all the way towards u... *mayb they need warmth* haha...

well, before we dismiss for classes...finally..... a group photo...... :)

sighh...don't know what happens to blogger! can't upload pictures..will upload when the network is alright :)